Fairness, Confidence and Peace of Mind

The field of Real Estate is driven by money, top prices and commissions. As a buyer, how can

you be assured that you are paying a fair price and that you know the true condition of the

property you’re buying?

Frequently in Real Estate transactions the Listing Agent of a property is affiliated with the same

company as the agent hired by the buyer for that transaction. In an attempt to mitigate the

conflict of interest that exists when both a selling agent and a buying agent work for the same

company, real estate law requires sellers and buyers to sign a ‘dual agency acknowledgement’

(also called ‘designated agency’). In the end, top prices are in view and top commissions are ultimately the goal.

A Buyer’s Broker represents the buyer exclusively. This insures a fair negotiation.

The Buying Experience

The exclusive focus of a Buyer’s Broker is on the needs and interests of the buyer.

Often with a background in construction or remodeling, during a showing the Buyer’s Broker

will have an eye for the condition of the property and discuss with the client its true potential.

Will these characteristics genuinely match your needs and interests? If not, let’s see other

properties – as many as it takes. Our clients consistently rate their house buying experience with maximum satisfaction.

Our Legacy

Buying or selling a house is a complex transaction often marked by anxiety and uncertainty. As

a listing real estate agent for over a decade, our founder, Mona Walz experienced first-hand

that buyers don’t receive fair representation in an industry driven by top prices and maximum commissions.

Against all odds at the time, Mona turned her exclusive attention to representing buyers and in

1992 established “The Buyer’s Broker LLC”.

The mission of The Buyer’s Broker LLC is to safeguard buyers from dual or designated agency

of real estate agents, making sure buyers’ needs and interests are well represented in fair

negotiation and the true condition of a property.