Are you in the market to buy a home?

When I was a child I would get my grandfather’s attention by standing in front of the television.

He would say, “Son, with so much Real Estate in this country, you’re standing right in front of

the TV!”

Real Estate is interesting. Every inch of land has to have an owner, whether it’s the

Government, hospitals, corporations, non-profit organizations, or private individuals.

The Real Estate field is driven by money: top prices; the highest possible commissions.

If you’re selling, that’s one thing, but if you’re a buyer, how can you be assured you are paying a

fair price? How can you know the true condition of the house you are buying?

My Real Estate purchasing experiences have been sour. I hired an agent from a reputable

company who repeatedly said, “Trust me, you hired me to help you make this purchase, you

need to trust me”. All things considered, I over-paid by a substantial amount.

I spent the next several months researching the field and here’s my conclusion: if you’re in the

market to buy a home, you should contact a Buyer’s Broker.

A Buyer’s Broker is committed to representing the interests of the buyer. Working with a

Buyer’s Broker is the best way you will reach a fair price and will know the true condition of the

property before it becomes yours.

Years ago the concept of ‘Buyer Representation’ was foreign to the Board of Realtors. In fact, it

was against board policy to have agents representing the interests of buyers!

Till today the focus is on the seller. After all, the seller is the one paying commissions so the

industry makes sure the seller gets the highest possible price.

I recommend The Buyer’s Broker LLC. They bring to buyers decades of experience not only in

Real Estate but also in property management, construction, and repairs.

I hope everything goes great for you in the purchase of your next home!