Are You Planning to Sell Your Home?

Instead of hiring a Real Estate listing Agent, contact a Buyer’s Broker!

Buyer’s Brokers know qualified buyers. If you make it known to a Buyer’s Broker that your

house is for sale, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how smoothly and fairly the transaction will

take place. You’ll save thousands of dollars in commissions and bypass the Real Estate frenzy

that’s so focused on your money.

Currently there are more buyers than great houses available. The usual help that a Real Estate

agent can offer with listing your house, might not be necessary.

If you ultimately decide to hire a Real Estate listing Agent, do some homework about the kinds

of contracts available in your state.

In the State of Michigan, the contract that agents want is called an Exclusive Right to Sell. That’s

because with a “Right to Sell” they will receive a commission whether they find a buyer or not.

But there’s also a contract called Exclusive Agency. Agents don’t like this contract because if the

owner finds a buyer, no commission is paid to the listing agent.

In Michigan the owner can also do an Open Listing, retaining the right to hire any number

of people to market the property, and whoever brings a buyer is the person who earns the


When there are few houses and many buyers, take the lead on finding a buyer by contacting a

Buyer’s Broker.The Buyer’s Broker LLC has been standing for fair and smooth Real Estate transactions for over

20 years. Make sure you give us a call!